What Is Coach House Insurance?

Coach house insurance is a bespoke and niche type of insurance policy tailored to specifically include freehold and leasehold garages underneath a residential, coach house property. There are some slight, but crucial differences between coach house insurance and ordinary home insurance.

Standard buildings and contents insurance policies do not allow for leasehold garages – and therefor would not pay out in the event of a claim.

If you managed to set the policy up online, or by telephoning a call centre by referring to the type of property as a flat for example, it is very likely that if you submitted a claim the insurer would simply decline – because you do not live in a flat. It could be perceived you have failed to tell the insurer of the true type of property, or that when you received your policy documents referring to the building as a flat – you failed to tell them that there was an error. Having not paid the correct premiums to reflect the correct risk, you could end up having a claim declined. What is certain, a call handler in a call centre can assure you that it’s all okay during a telephone call, but you should insist on the insurer confirming in writing that they understand the garages are forming part of the building, and must be covered under the buildings insurance schedule. You also must make sure that your type of property is correctly described as a coach house.

Without that guarantee, you could end up being uninsured and not knowing about it until you put a claim in. Insurers are not obliged to pay out when the facts on the original application are incorrect.

The best course of action would be to seek out a bespoke and specialist insurer that insures coach houses as part of their business – and not as a one-off. You are more likely to speak to advisors who know and understand how things work – they know what a peppercorn leasehold is, they understand the liabilities of the freeholder. Your policy paperwork will be exact and you will have peace of mind that you are adequately insured for every eventuality!

Your policy must note all the garages which form part of the building, on the buildings insurance schedule for them to be covered in the event of claim. Therefore most high street insurers, banks and building societies, and online providers do not insure coach house properties. The liability of insuring the garages is too complex for standard online policies and requires more and more in-depth underwriting, and claims handling. The cost of providing coach house insurance is too high and specialised for most insurers to get involved in. You must talk to a specialist to make sure that your liabilities as the owner, are fully covered.

The Reasons Which Trigger Liability Insurance Extensively

The age that we live in is becoming cognizant enough of their liabilities. Much before the results are out all acts of defence are kept ready. Doctors make it a point to pay huge amounts of money to get them insured as patients can try to make them accountable for careless or malpractice issues. This is very common in case of a liability insurance, patients are ready to file suits against anyone mistake done by them and demand a compensation. It is not only common for doctors but also for the education sector. Many schools adopt safer means to avoid any sort of litigation.

So what is Liability Insurance? The Liability insurance is vital for all the people who can be held legally accountable for the damage to others, especially the doctors and business holders. All these people procure the liability insurance for a coverage in case of a faulty product and cause damage to the buyers or any third party. This covers even if the employee gets injured while carrying out the business procedures.

Liability insurance is of various types and some of them are stated as below:

• Public Liability – It covers an individual, business unit, any incident, a worker- and even the infrastructure for overheads from legal proceedings if one is found accountable for the injury, death, damage…

• Insurance for product liability- This is specifically for businesses units that build the products for sale purpose taking place at the general market. It protects against any litigations which are the result of any sort of injuries or death which are due to the products.

• Indemnity insurance- This offers a protection for a business against any sort of carelessness of claims due to any finances which are the results of a lapse to accomplish.

• Director and officer liability coverage- This is for the business house that comprises of the board of directors to protect them in case the company gets litigated.

• An umbrella liability policy- This policy protects against any disastrous or ruinous loss.

As stated above, we have seen some forms of liability insurance, in brief, now is the time to see what makes them being used so extensively by going through their importance.


• Having a liability insurance, one gets a cover against a magnitude of litigations which could be in connection with their products and services, harm or damage done to employees, workers any sort of neglect etc. One advantage of having this is an exemption from legal fees and medical expenses as well since it is already taken care of once you buy the insurance policy.

• This kind of cover even protects the expert and skilled people during their business transactions. This policy covers professionals like lawyers, consultants and doctors. This covers also shields as against the heavy losses which are related to damage done to a property, investigation expenses, medical expenses etc.

• This policy even ensures all risks that are related to the employees during their course of employment. In case they suffer from any damages, any sickness due to work, loss of their income while serving, they get a proper disbursement and restoring them in the former state.

So we can state that Liability insurance is a segment of the general insurance related to the risk financing and bought in order to provide protection to the purchaser against any liability risks which are levied by litigations and so it is of utmost importance to be used by all business houses and professionals for a smoother work life.

To know more about liability insurance, please check our website.

Condominium Insurance – Why You Need It

Condominiums can be located in coastal or inner city locations. Regardless of the individual exposure to flooding, theft, vandalism, fire and so on, it’s high time we focused on debunking the great myth about condo insurance.

If you own a condominium and think your condo association’s policy will take care of you in your every hour of need, you are wrong. There are many instances when your personal items and financial assets are at risk.

But don’t just take it from an insurance professional that your personal effects as well as your fiscal assets need personal coverage. There are insurance claims that will support the fact.

The following insurance claim examples regarding a condo owner’s liability to exposures tell it all.

Genuine Condo-Owner Insurance Brow-Raising Claim Scenarios

• When one condominium owner’s tenant slipped and fell at the common entrance way, he sued the association for the injuries he suffered as a result. The man’s injuries were quite extensive and included serious leg and hand fractures. The ensuing bodily injury lawsuit against the condo association had an additional demand: replace the current lobby flooring with non-slippery tiles. While related condo association insurance would cover the claim in regard to bodily injury, it would not pay to replace the tiles. The condo association deemed it necessary to require all condo owner members to pay $2,000 each toward the tile replacement costs. Luck for those who had their own condo owner’s insurance which covered that amount!

• A condo owner’s brand new sound system went up in flames. The fire spread to other condominiums situated below. Property damage included fire, smoke and water losses. Several condo owners suffered smoke inhalation injuries and a fire fighter was injured. Following related lawsuits and insurance claims, the defendant’s insurance company covered defense and investigation into the cause of fire which resulted in verification of a defective sound system. Liability for the fire was then found to be in the lap of the manufacturer who paid for all damages.

• An angry former condo tenant filed lawsuit for negligence and wrongful eviction his condo landlord. The former tenant alleged that there was a bedbug infestation in the condominium, and demanded medical care, property compensation along with additional living expenses during the time he looked for a new place to live. The condo owner’s insurance policy paid for the defense. The claim ended with a settlement.

Of course, a professional insurance agency that partners with the leading national underwriters, will be able to explain related insurance coverage in greater detail and find you corresponding protective coverage.

How the Santa Rosa Fire Taught Us About Insurance

Santa Rosa, California may be a number of remarkable things. The great wildfire that consumed human life and property in October, 2017 will go down in history as a tragedy of unprecedented damages. With forty-three dead victims and more than one billion in property devastation, totaling over the $1 billion in losses, the fire left insureds grappling with the painful after effects.

Then there are the regrets when underlining the insurance concepts. Too many homeowners and commercial property owners did not prepare for the worst by purchasing adequate coverage.

What points can we take from the event? Insurance professionals share the following pressing notes.

Eight Insurance Concepts of the California’s Catastrophic Wildfire

• Many policyholders had insufficient coverage for the colossal damages. While it is human nature to envision bad things only happen to others, those suffering from huge losses on account of the fire, would have made comprehensive recovery possible with better insurance protection.

• Those who dealt with independent insurance agencies and companies that excelled in claims support fared better than others who got erroneous info in regard to their policy’s coverage.

• Utilizing the public Federal Emergency Management Agency’s debris removal was the favored choice over other private company services. This is because property owners could switch after the public service selection if they wanted to.

• Those who had Loss of Use or Living Expenses coverage benefited greatly in the aftermath of the wildfire.

• Homeowners that purchased extended replacement cost coverage are empowered to totally reconstruct with insurance funds.

• Contrary to the belief of some, there is landscaping coverage in a standard Homeowners Insurance policy. This gives leeway to those who must replenish trees and brush lost in the fire.

• In light of the tragic fire, contents insurance was amended. This gave cause to many carriers to consent to cover at least 50% of house contents without the policyholder having to go through the painstaking process of categorizing inventory. Some insurance companies even consented to coverage for the entire contents without the classifications. Yet other companies waived the inventory process according to individual claim.

• Those that listed a secondary dwelling on their Homeowners Insurance policy got coverage for unattached structures. This included separate garages, gazebos and so on. In addition, policyholders learned that reviewing a policy is of the essence because a secondary structure may not be included at all and if it is covered, it may have a minimal limit.

It should go without saying that the most qualified to review your policy is an insurance professional – someone who definitely takes the lessons learned from a tragic occurrence much to heart.

PRIME Insurance Agency set out to provide excellent NJ auto, homeowners, renters and landlord insurance, as well as the various forms of business and workers comp insurance. Today, PRIME offers comprehensive plans throughout NY, PA, MD, TX, MA, FL, CA and beyond. Focused on customer service that goes well beyond the standard, PRIME treats customers with the respect they deserve.

Nine Ways to Keep You Safely Covered From Lightning Risks

Well, what do you know?! The northeastern states of the US just experienced a thunder and snow storm that brought on lightning.

The combo of natural forces is a very rare occurrence that can have serious consequences on homeowners and commercial property owners in terms of damages. Moreover, any time of the year when lightning flashes its electric streaks from heaven to earth it can bring danger to humans and wildlife.

According to scientific definitions, lightning is Mother Nature’s flare of electricity that occurs between a cloud or clouds and the earth in midst of a thunderstorm. Lightning is not to be taken lightly. It is a potent killer, striking down about sixty people across the United States annually. Moreover, lightning can reach fifty thousand degrees Fahrenheit, empowering it to spark home and commercial property fires if it strikes an appropriately flammable target.

Thankfully for the homeowner, the majority of standard home insurance policies do cover the damages that occur from a lightning strike. Auto damage is another story though. As for any vehicular damages occurring as a result of a lightning strike, both liability and collision insurance will not cover the losses. It is only a comprehensive auto policy that will reimburse you for the lightning damages.

10 Ways to Keep Away from a Lightning Strike’s Danger

Should you be caught in a thunderstorm while you are outdoors, do the following as soon as possible:

• Get inside a building that is safe for occupancy.
• Get inside a vehicle.
• If you are not able to get into a safe shelter, minimize your risks by staying out of an open field, getting away from the top of a hill, staying clear of tall trees standing alone and not touching water or wet things, particularly roping and metal objects.

If you are inside a home or building during the storm:

• Do not touch phones that are connected to a cord.
• Do not touch electrical devices like computers or TVs or cords.
• Do not use your water taps for anything like handwashing, dish washing.
• Do not shower or bathe.
• Stay clear of all windows, doors, porches and metal pipes.
• Do not touch of concrete floors, walls and surfaces.
• Wait at least thirty minutes prior to leaving the building following the storm.

If you happen to be inside a car during the storm, pull over to the side and stop, switch on your hazard lights, turn off the car, don’t touch anything metal inside the vehicle. Even if the thunder has stopped, do not proceed until thirty minutes after any sound of thunder.

Insurance for Fireworks and Other Stuff

I consider myself lucky to live in close proximity to Lake Carasaljo in Lakewood, NJ where the annual fireworks display is held in honor of Fourth of July. This year, as I started my trek towards the specially designated site together with a friend, I was notified of an unfortunate episode.

“I heard that someone living in the vicinity of Pamela Ct in Jackson, NJ experienced a loss due to fireworks set off earlier in the day,” my friend confided.

“What happened?” I asked.

“The homeowner that suffered the loss had a shed in her backyard that stored cans of paint,” continued my friend. It seems that a spark from the fireworks lit by a neighbor landed on the shed and the flammable matter exploded along with the shed that housed it!”

“Who will pay for the damages? I asked. “Will it be the insurance company or an out of the pocket thing for the guy that is responsible?”

“In case you don’t remember,” explained my friend, “individual use of fireworks is prohibited in the state. So no one came forward admitting to liability. Insurance will not cover an illegal activity and I guess the responsible party lacks the courage to approach the shed owner.”

The conversation ended in silence as we walked between the throngs gathered to witness the spectacular show of lights set off by the professional pyrotechnics company on the national holiday that commemorated America’s victory of independence.

Later that evening, I contemplated the situation.

It was more than likely that the homeowner that incurred the loss would get compensation from her own home insurance because she was a totally innocent victim. In the same vein, should get coverage from her auto policy if damage was related to her car.

From my own knowledge, accidental fire damage resulting from fireworks is covered in states where it is a legal activity – even if the fireworks originated from the homeowners own driveway or lawn. The same goes for losses or injury from an accident resulting from defective fireworks.

The only exception in places where individual fireworks are permitted is if the damage or injury was caused intentionally. Standard homeowners insurance does not cover these instances.

But here’s the problem even if your homeowners insurance covers a related event: it will only cover up to the limits on your policy!

The other alternative for those that determine they need more protection is a personal umbrella policy. This type of coverage will kick in after your home insurance meets its limits and provide you with more coverage so you will not be left with a hefty out-of-the-pocket bill.

Of course fireworks use is prohibited to the individual in the state of NJ. But the same concept can be applied to any other event.

In the meantime, celebrate the freedom of insurance choices while you celebrate America’s Independence Day!

Tenant-Occupied Home Insurance – Must Read for Landlords!

The best referral any insurance agency can ask for is its track record.

Laizer Schonbrun, insurance agent par excellence, works for one of the fastest growing agencies in the United States. He relates the following success story in regard to a tenant occupied account.

“I really felt bad for the owner of a tenant occupied home. He called us on a whim and complained about how his bank had forced a specific insurance policy on him. Not only did the coverage seem inappropriate, but the associated premium was very high.
“As always, I was there to help anyway I could. I got to work scouting my agency’s network of underwriters and in less than a day, I found more coverage that was more apropos at an extremely competitive quote which I bound. Thereafter, I forwarded the new insurance information on to the bank.

“In my day to day experience, this was just another insurance success! For the new client, it was a day that spelled relief and a mega dose of thanks to me and my team!”

The following info about tenant occupied dwellings is but a brief summary.
Nonetheless, it serves to inform the public in a significant way.

Tenant-Occupied Homes and the Corresponding Insurance Options

If you own a primary residence home that you rent out sporadically for short amount of periods, an independent agency may be able to sift through the underwriters it deals with to find a temporary rental policy. If not, you will need a related rider attached to your current home insurance.

If you want to continuously rent your primary residence for a short amount of time to different renters, you probably will need a business policy, like that provided to hotels, motels.

On the other hand, if you own a vacation home or an investment property that you want to rent out for long terms a landlord’s policy is mandatory.

This type of policy includes the following forms of coverage:

• Physical damage coverage
• Personal property coverage (for appliances left for the renter’s use)
• Liability coverage

Loss of rental coverage is something a landlord can opt for as well. This protects you in the event your renter leaves and no replacement renter is found. It also shields you from the financial loss when you cannot rent out your property due to repair work or necessary rebuilding as a result of damages that are covered under your policy.

For more on tenant-occupied dwelling insurance, speak to a professional independent agency with a reputation that tells you the customer is the focus of operation.

Standard Home Insurance and Lightning Damage

The National Lightning Safety Institute gives us the statistics on lighting strikes.
Did you know that the odds for a person to be hit by lightning are quite slim – 1 in 280,000. When it comes to lightning striking a home there is much greater frequency, however: a likelihood of one in two hundred!

The insurance companies seem to underscore the possibility with a 2015 report that found related insurance damage claims surpassed even the high $825 million index.
Alarming as it is, the fact that standard home owner insurance can cover this type of peril up to the limits of the particular policy provides a form of peace of mind to those thinking individuals that are concerned about disasters like a lighting strike.

Losses associated with lightning may incorporate the following:

• Damages related to personal property, including things like electronics and appliances

• Structural as well as damages on property that were caused by a fire sparked by a lightning’s direct strike

The issues involving lightning strikes are not resigned only to the above information. Read on for a summary on further related matters.

Additional Matters regarding Lightning Damages Coverage to Know

Electrical surges that are caused by a lightning strike may significantly damage connected personal electronic equipment. Possible losses can run into reach immense financial proportions in today’s society where electronics is an investment most make. Because insurance payment is based on the actual cash value, equivalent to the present day price for similar items, reduced by depreciation, it may be worth the while of someone in a high frequency lightning occurrence to add replacement cost coverage to their home insurance policy.

Insured homeowners are advised to read through their homeowners’ policies to see if additional living expenses are included in coverage. If a related fire makes a home unfit for occupancy while it is being repaired or rebuilt, such coverage will pay for temporary comparable housing accommodations.

Insurance experts also have another underscored recommendation for the homeowner: make sure to draft a comprehensive list of all the items in your home so that in the event of a related claim, there will be less complications to the process.
Just as every face in a household differs in its uniqueness, so does every home owner’s exposure to perils. Let an experienced independent agency navigate your homeowners insurance so you know you will have coverage for your individual needs and requirements.

Application Used for the Fastest Growing Sector – Insurance

Training of Guidewire Certification

The insurance industry is growing at a higher rate. All over the world, almost every person is now having at least one or more insurance in their name. The most common among them is Property and Casual Insurance. This kind of insurance involves the protection and guarantee of personal property like house, land, car, assets, etc. It also includes med claim coverage if the person faces any accident and covering up on those people’s medical bills.

It is a massive task manually to keep track of all the data and information of every insured person. It is also an onerous task to track the insurance lifecycle, whether the monthly payment is made on time or not, if the correct person is getting the insurance money or not. Therefore the advanced programs and soft wares are used to document the insurance lifecycle and provide business analytical service to insurance companies. These are Guidewire programs and applications, useful for data updating and automated formulation of plans based on the vast inflow of data. If you want to start your career in the insurance sector, you can enroll for Guidewire Training to excel in the knowledge of the functions and workings of the program.

Features of the programming language

To find more about this course and process to get admission you can go for Guidewire Training. Some of the core features of the program are:

· With only a few changes to the data configuration, you can get and incorporate some various policies within compact space.

· It caters to the Claims of the customer enrolled.

· It also helps to formulate and generate the billing and information related to the monthly installments and interest rates.

· It helps in the managerial task by incorporating the ideas and insights in an automated manner.

· Since it is a java based application, it can customize quickly and readily

If you want to join the program, you need to learn about all its forms in an exact manner. The tool also provides flexibility of the solution. It makes the task of the insurers more manageable and helps to bring up the correct and customized system. Currently, various insurance organization and providers are doing the business of around $ 2 trillion markets worldwide. The software and programs are mainly based on three specifications:

· Data and analytics.

· Core Operations.

· Digital engagement.

The guide wire program supports all the tasks of the insurance sector. Some of its functions involve Claiming of Management, sales and underwriting, proper customer service, and demonstration of your insurance related products. Some of its products are:

· Digital Applications: They are used for self and electronic transaction service and give insight to all agents, policyholders, customer representative from multiple places and devices.

· Insurance Suite: The application helps to document all the transactional details of the whole insurance cycle.

· Insurance Now: A cloud-based application that supports multipurpose of data, insurance lifecycle and core insights.

· Data and Analytic: For the effective management of data and insights for formulating correct decisions.

Ocean Harbor Insurance – A Complete Protection

Ocean Harbor insurance is a home and auto insurance scheme through which you can insure your property and vehicles from any sort of unforeseen disasters such as, fire, theft, lightning, and wind. To ensure full safety of your property you can opt for a policy that would cover all your personal structures including the temporary provisions, thus ensuring full security and safety. You can opt for an ocean harbor insurance policy for all sorts of properties; be it a personal possession or a commercial possession. There are certain policies under which you can cover multiple homes in one plan. Opting for such policies would be ideal if you own or rent a flat in apartments or a group house. Under such plans, you might end up with little fewer premiums as you opt for a specific coverage. Riders on a basic policy would be provided in exchange for an additional premium.

Besides property ocean harbor insurance also has auto insurance products that cover both bodily injuries and physical damages to the vehicle insured. However, while opting auto insurance you must have the vehicle registered under the insured name and must be any vehicle within four wheels. Claims on the name of insured only are covered. If the vehicle is driven by someone else when contracting an accident the insured cannot claim. However, you can cover for you, your family members under certain plans provided if you opt for it while executing a contract with the insurer. Almost all ocean harbor auto insurance policies cover medical claims up to 80%, 60% of income loss and replacement assistance post accident and death cover. All these benefits would be provided only when you opt for them specifically.

Besides regular auto insurance, there are certain comprehensive insurance plans by ocean harbor insurance that are meant to provide coverage to the vehicle for any sort of perils such as, fire, collision or any indirect damage to the vehicle. However, a comprehensive insurance would be provided only to the owned vehicles. Any temporarily hired or rented vehicles are not eligible for insurance under the comprehensive category. Opting for a home or auto insurance is an art as well as science. Wonder, why is it an art as well as science? While choosing a policy cover you must do a certain amount of research to make sure you would opt for the one that benefits you the most while being pocket-friendly. Perhaps, this exploration will help you in articulating your needs and will assist you in inquiring for riders, thus making the act of choosing a policy an art.

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